In focus

Research Products

Supermonomeric red fluorescent protein optimized for fusions and long-term experiments.

cDNA normalization kit intended for removing repeated transcripts from full-length-enriched cDNA. The resulting equalized cDNA can be used for library construction and next generation sequencing.

cDNA synthesis kit intended for generation of full-length-enriched ds cDNA from total or poly(A)+ RNA. Synthesized cDNA can be used for construction of cDNA libraries, cDNA normalization and next generation sequencing.

Gene Discovery Services

New! T-Cell Receptor (TCR) profiling
Comprehensive study of T-Cell Receptor (TCR) diversity in human blood to estimate an immune system status or changes in immune system parameters under conditions of an autoimmune disease or infection.

cDNA normalization service
Construction of normalized full-length-enriched cDNA libraries.
Preparation of normalized cDNA for next generation sequencing.

Ribosomal cDNA depletion
Non-mRNA-derived cDNAs are depleted while rare mRNA-derived cDNAs are unaffected. Output cDNA samples are suitable for next generation sequencing. The method is optimized for both eukaryotic and prokaryotic total RNA.

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