Product applications
Cell biology

Detection of intracellular conditions (changes of ion concentrations)

Determination of protein half-life

FRET-based applications

Labeling of cells

Labeling of proteins

Labeling of subcellular structures


Reversible blockage of cell division

Selective cell killing and protein inactivation

Tracking cellular events

Tracking promoter activity

Whole body imaging

Molecular biology

cDNA normalization

cDNA synthesis and amplification


Novel products

Supermonomeric red fluorescent protein optimized for fusions and long-term experiments.

Trimmer-2 cDNA normalization kit intended for removing repeated transcripts from full-length-enriched cDNA. The resulting equalized cDNA can be used for library construction and next generation sequencing.

Mint-2 cDNA synthesis kit intended for generation of full-length-enriched ds cDNA. Synthesized cDNA can be used for construction of cDNA libraries, cDNA normalization and next generation sequencing.

Novel photoactivatable red fluorescent protein PA-TagRFP for conventional microscopy and super-resolution imaging techniques.

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