Product families
Advanced fluorescent tools

Genetically-encoded fluorescent sensors

Genetically-encoded photosensitizer KillerRed

Genetically-encoded photoinducible cell cycle inhibitor ArrestRed


Antibodies against fluorescent proteins

Cell culture medium

Antibleaching live cell visualization medium DMEMgfp-2

Fluorescent proteins

Basic fluorescent proteins

Photoactivatable fluorescent proteins

Ready-to-use subcellular localization vectors

Nucleic acid research products

cDNA normalization kits

cDNA synthesis kits

Duplex-specific nuclease

PCR kit


Assay development service

Custom optimization of Evrogen expression vectors

Molecular biology services

Novel products

Super bright far-red fluorescent protein for whole body imaging.

Supermonomeric red fluorescent protein optimized for fusions and long-term experiments.

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